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Four Pillars 1.2 (freeware)


New version includes feng shui, four pillars and nine star ki.

Four Pillars 1.2 is an easy to use program.




Four Pillars 1.2 runs on any PC with Win95 / 98 / Me / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Can also work on Mac with 'Parallels' (


Click here to download Four Pillars 1.2 (Self extracting file 618 kB)

Just run the fourp1.exe file and the setup will start automatically.

( 'VB runtimes' are needed to run this program. 99% of computers already have them. If your computer doesn't have them you can download and install the VB runtimes from the Microsoft site: click here )


If you are looking for the professional version Four Pillars & Feng Shui 4.2 :

Go to Four Pillars & Feng Shui 4.2