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Current Four Pillars Finance Market Predictions

From December 2009 onwards our monthly predictions are published on the Four Pillars Finance Blog

Prediction update November 2009 (PDF file 122 KB)    Wait and watch.

Prediction update October 2009 (PDF file 118 KB)    Upside target reached. Getting out.

Prediction update September 2009 (PDF file 123 KB)    Nasdaq 2200 by November.

Prediction update August 2009 (PDF file 115 KB)    Staying out for now.

Prediction update July 2009 (PDF file 124 KB)    Correction under way.

Prediction update June 2009 (PDF file 119 KB)    Expecting drop to 1500-1600 for Nasdaq Composite Index.

Prediction update May 2009 (PDF file 117 KB)    Time to take some profits. Probable correction in June

Prediction update April 2009 (PDF file 110 KB)    Rebound underway. Nasdaq could reach 1900's , then a correction in June

Prediction update March 2009 (PDF file 111 KB)    A brief rebound, then a low by June

Prediction update February 2009 (PDF file 113 KB)    Rebound underway. Nasdaq target 1900-2000.

Prediction update January 2009 (PDF file 113 KB)    Rebound underway. Possible peak by April.

Annual prediction 2009 (PDF file 23 KB)    Stock market to go up in 2009.

Long term Nasdaq prediction chart: updated for Sep 2008 (PDF file 39 KB)

PDF files require Acrobat Reader , which is available as a free download here:

Back Issues 2008

Prediction update November 2008 (PDF file 104 KB)    Stocks to rebound into next year.

Prediction update September 2008 (PDF file 108 KB)    Rebound underway, but stocks could fall further next year.

Prediction update August 2008 (PDF file 107 KB)    Stock market bottoming. Time to get in.

Invest in Water related stocks (PDF file 17 KB)    Water stocks for the long term.

Update 29th January '08 (PDF file 14 KB)    Stocks to recover from sell off. This is a good time to initiate long term bullish positions.

Annual prediction 2008 (PDF file 47 KB)    Stock market to go up in 2008.

Back Issues 2007

Annual prediction 2007 (PDF file 156 KB)    Stock market to go down in 2007.

Predictions update (PDF file 16 KB)   

Nasdaq update November '07 (PDF file 15 KB)   

Comments on our updated long term Nasdaq prediction chart. (PDF file 15 KB)   

What to do when markets sell off? (PDF file 16 KB)   

Long term Euro (PDF file 14 KB)   

Buy late and sell early. (PDF file 24 KB)   

Gold stocks update July '07(PDF file 189 KB)   

Nasdaq update July '07(PDF file 203 KB)   

Short term outlook June '07(PDF file 94 KB)    Decline Started. Bottom in June, next a rebound till August.

Short term outlook May '07(PDF file 93 KB)    Market peaking. Next a decline into June.

Short term outlook April '07(PDF file 94 KB)    Market close to a peak. Get out before the summer decline.

Short term outlook March '07(PDF file 94 KB)    Market to rebound till April. Next a summer decline.

Short term outlook February '07)(PDF file 108 KB)    Market to peak in early spring. Target near 2550. Time to get out.

Short term outlook (January '07)(PDF file 105 KB)    Market ready to bottom. Probable rally into spring is about to start. Target near 2550.

Back Issues 2001-2006

Check out the Prediction Archives to see all our past newsletters since 2001.

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