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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page gives answers to some commonly asked questions.
If your question is not answered here, you are welcome to contact us with your query.

General questions
Download questions
How to order
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Recommended Books

Q: I like your program, but I don't know how to interpret the charts.
Our software is not a feng shui course. You will need some experience with feng shui and Chinese astrology to be able to use this software.
You can also get started with our recommended books.

Q: Why the software doesn't give an automated reading, like some Western astrology programs do?
A good Four Pillars reading can only be done manually, it is an art. Four Pillars cannot be reduced to a systematic computerised interpretation, there are too many factors and exceptions to consider. The same is true for Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki. This software helps the astrologer to analyse charts more easily..

Q: Will there be an upgrade of the software in the future?
We are always working to improve the program. All your suggestions for improving the program are welcome.

Q: How will you let me know if there is a new version?
To be kept up to date about new versions of the program, you can follow us on Twitter and on Facebook
We make all important announcements about the software through these convenient channels.

Q: I would like to try the software, how can I download it?
Click here to go to the download page. There is a 30 day free trial period. If you want to test the program longer than 30 days you can also request a free trial extension for maximum 90 days after first installation. Just contact us.

Q: I have completed the download, but I don't find the file on my system. Do I have to download again?
If you downloaded the file correctly you can find it back using the Windows "Search" function. To do this, just click on the Windows "Start" button and choose "Search" ... "Files and Folders..."
Type "fpfs42.exe" (this is the name of the file) and hit "Search now". If the file is on your system its location will show up in the list.

Q: I have downloaded your program, but I cannot unzip it. What is the problem?
You don't need any zip program to install the software. Please follow the instructions on the installation page

Q: Can I order a CD-rom with the software?
We stopped offering a CD-rom , because it is an unnecessary expense. Moreover, a CD always goes out of date and becomes unusable when a new upgrade version is released. If you want a backup CD, you can always burn the download version on a CD.

Q: Is there a Mac version?
No, but we do have customers who run it succesfully on a Mac with Parallels or Virtual PC. See: We cannot guarantee proper functioning on a Mac however. So always try before you buy. If the 30 day trial version works properly, then it should be OK.

Another solution you can try is "Wine", which is free. More info here: How to get started with Wine 8.0 on your Mac and here:

Q: Do you have an app for iPhone or Android?
We offer a set of free online tools that can be used from any mobile device with a browser and internet access. See:

Q: I have two computers, a home PC and a laptop.
If I buy your software, can I get a free second password for my laptop ?

We no longer give free second passwords, because this is too complicated to keep track of. So if you want to use our program on two different computers, you will need to buy two copies, and you will then get two personal Product Keys. 

Q: How to install the program?
All instructions can be found here

Q: How can I order your program?
You can order the software online, using the secure server of FastSpring. Click here to access the order page. Instructions will appear on the screen. All major creditcards, checks, bank wire and Paypal are accepted.

Q: I would like to purchase your program, but I don't use creditcards.
In many countries you can also choose to pay by check or local bank wire transfer. Just follow the instructions on the order page

Q: Do you offer any (group) discounts?
 We do not give discounts, special rates, reseller prices, or whatever... By keeping our pricing and adminstration very simple we can keep the price low and affordable for everybody. That's why our program is significantly cheaper than other similar products on the market.
We do offer an option to pay for the software over a period of 3 years. See '1 Year License' on the order page

Q: Is there a reseller for your software in my country?
We do not use any resellers for our product. Because it would add to the cost of the program unnecessarily. It also leads to confusion and 'con artists' claiming to be a reseller for us.
So, please do not give money to anybody who claims to be selling our software. This website is the only place where you can buy our software.

Q: When a newer version comes out, do I have to pay again to upgrade my software?
Upgrades and new versions are always a free upgrade for all our registered users. Some people who bought version 1.0 of our program in 1999 are now using version 4.2 of the program without ever paying a single cent for upgrades. We use a "buy once, use forever" approach. Who wants to pay for the same software again and again?

Q: I would like to try out the software before I decide to buy it. Is this possible?
Yes, you are welcome to download the software for a free 30 day trial. This allows you to try out everything and see if the program meets your needs. If you want to keep using the program beyond the 30 day trial, you can order a 1 year license or lifetime license.

Q: I have seen your program for download on another website. Is it safe to download?
The only safe place to download our program is here on this website. If you find files using our name elsewhere on the internet, or attached to email, there is a high probability they are corrupted files containing virus or trojans. Delete such files. We can only guarantee the safety of the download files you find here on

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee?
There is no money back guarantee. Instead we offer a free 30 trial download, so you can try it and decide if the program suits your needs.
You can also write us if you would like to have an extention of the trial period for some reason or other. This is fair to all, and avoids the unnecessary costs and trouble of processing refunds.

Q: Is there a free Four Pillars program?
Yes, you can download the completely free Four Pillars 1.2
Click here

Q: I have been using your program for a while, but now it has stopped working. What to do now?
Probably your 30 day free trial has expired. You can get a permanent license for the software by ordering it here
You will then receive your person "Product Key". If you would like to get an extention of your free trial period, then just contact us.

Q: I have bought your software some time ago, but now I have a new computer.
How can I transfer the software to my new computer?

Just follow the instructions on this page (click) As a registered user you need to chose the "Run as a standalone program" option, and you will be asked to fill out your personal "Product Key"
You normally got your Product Key when you first ordered the program. That's all you need to do to continue using the program on your new machine.
But make sure to remove the FP & FS 4.2 software from your old machine before you dispose of it. It is not allowed to use 2 copies of the software on two different machines with the same Product Key. The piracy protection may then block both copies.

Q: The software asks me to register via CopyMinder. Can you explain how this system works?
Our software uses CopyMinder for registration and piracy protection. Just like many other programs (e.g. your anti-virus software), Four Pillars & Feng Shui 4.2 will now occasionally access the internet to guarantee continued optimal functionality. Within seconds the server will update your license each time it is necessary.
In practice, you will probably hardly notice anything about it. This system is totally safe and your privacy is guaranteed. You can click here for more details about what exactly is being sent over the internet.
This system has several advantages for the user: 

Q: What to do when I travel and have no internet connection. Will the software work?
Yes. Just before you leave, turn on the software (with internet connected). This will renew the license for next 3 weeks. Now you can go, and the software will work for next weeks without any internet connection.

Recommended Reading

Our software is not a course, so if you are new to Chinese astrology some inexpensive beginners books will get you started:




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